Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Last Day Of The 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge.

Made it!

There was some hits and misses but I made it. And a few kgs lighter as the bonus. Yeayyyy!! It was hard, there were temptations, and there were times I gave in, but on the whole I think this attempt to be healthier is achieved. So lets recap the objectives:

1. Eat oats breakfast. ---> ❌ This one was mostly not so much. Cause I'd drink my morning smoothie and feel really full. 
2. Sip on fruit & vege smoothies throughout the day. ---> ✔️
3. Eat mostly veggie lunch. ---> ✔️ I can say I managed this for most days if not all, and enjoyed it too!
4. No rice. Minimize other white carbs intake. ---> ✔️ I think I can count with one hand the times I broke this.
3. Quit eating chocolates. ---> ✔️
4. Quit nonsense snacks. ---> ✔️
5. No sugary drinks cold turkey. ---> ✔️
6. Water only ---> ✔️

Today was back to my normal morning and green smoothie.

Morning Smoothie
Chia Seeds

Green Smoothie


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