Saturday, November 19, 2016

Day 6: 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Saturday mornings are usually fast paced. My son has a basketball game every Saturday morning so I'm rushing to get the brood dressed and ready to go out. Make sure every kid alas perut at least makan sikit dulu. Make sure I don't forget water, milk, diapers etc and out the door we go.

So nasib baik still ada extra green smoothie from yesterday so that became my morning smoothie. 

Habis basketball bawak kids singgah makan at a cafe with beautifull cakes in the display chiller. Wasn't tempted at all, kids had cakes and brownies pun I could manage to watch them eat without the usual 'Mommy nak rasa sikit boleh?' or 'Tak habis? Mommy habiskan k?'. I had Morroccan tea then balik rumah baru buat salmon & tomato salad.

Salmon & Tomato Salad

I reheat some leftover grilled salmon in a pan (already seasoned).
Added some small indian chilli (less heat than thai).
Add tomatoes.
Stir on heat for a bit.
Put on a bed of lettuce.
Squeeze some lemon juice on top.


Green Smoothie

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