Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Day 3: 30 Day Green Smoothie Challenge

Today is Day 3 yeay! 

Woke up this morning and made a date smoothie after the kids are off to school.   Bangun pagi terus minum air kosong dulu sebotol. Then I know I have to fill my tummy with smoothie or oats first or else I'll just eat ANYTHING cos I breastfeed throughout the night and I wake up a hungry monster, like seriously.

Ok since dah buat I'll jot down this morning's smoothie dulu. Green smoothies belum buat so will update later.

Morning Smoothie
Chia seeds
Fresh milk

For me, this smoothie challenge is to get me on the road to eating right. It's not a smoothie fast, I am eating meals but trying to cut down on carbs and sugar. So right now tak makan nasi or bread. Just lots of veggies and protein. I just realize I am such a bread person. Tak makan nasi ok lagi, but the bread just screams my name!


Lunch today is Baby Spinach & Beef my style. Adapt to your own tastebuds please.

Sautee garlic & onions.
Add small thai green chilli.
Add lean beef (I marinated in a bit of oyster sauce and pepper).
Stir fry until cooked
Add tomatoes (cos I like them a bit mushy)
Turn off heat.
Add baby spinach (stir a bit and take out of pan immediately so there's still crunch left)
Add hard boiled eggs if you like.


Green Smoothie
Baby spinach

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