Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Bloody Incident

In the early early hours of Sunday morning, I was suddenly awaken by bad menstrual like cramps. This was more or less about 25 days after delivering my third baby. 

At first I thought it was because the room was too cold and my legs were bare, being in confinement, I thought my body was just being too sensitive. So at first I just tried lathering on some heated massage oil to relieve the pain. But the cramps kept coming and going.

Then, when I got up to go to the bathroom, I could feel a gush of blood coming out of me. It filled up my menstrual pad. I was worried but tried to relax and just observe at first. After cleaning myself up and changing to a fresh new menstrual pad, I went back to bed to try to go back to sleep but the pain kept coming back. 

After about 20 mins, I got up again to try to walk around and relieve the pain, that was when another gush of blood come out of me. But this time, even my overnight "pillow like" maxi menstrual pad couldn't handle all the blood coming out so there was blood everywhere, on the bedsheets, on the floor, in the bathroom. THEN the panic kicked in.

Rushed to the hospital. Went to Sunway Med at first because I was at MIL's house and that was the nearest hospital where I had a previous record. After initial investigations by the on-call doc at the A&E there, she decided that it would be best to transfer me to APSH where I just recently delivered my third baby. She concluded from her experience that there must be something foreign inside my uterus to have made me bleed that much. 

So then I was transfered to APSH by ambulance (scariest ride ever! even more scared for hubs whom I knew was driving like a maniac following the ambulance). And all the while, I could feel blood oozing out of me like a leaky pipe. 

Upon arrival at APSH, after the fuss of initial investigations, taking blood to check my hb levels and putting a secondary iv drip (I already had one drip going from Sunway Med) because the MO there at APSH thought I was in a bad state and might need more blood I guess. 

So they immediately called the on-call gynae who ordered an ultrasound machine to be brought down to me at the A&E to confirm his initial suspisions that there was still some piece of placenta left inside my uterus. And even with the tummy ultrasound (not the more sensitive vaginal ultrasound) he saw the screen, showed the foreign body in my uterus to my hubs and the MO there and said "What a mess!".

So after checking that my bp was ok  and my hb levels was still ok (just slightly below normal but not too low to need additional blood) he immediately planned for an emergency d&c straight away.

All that time from home, to Sunway Med, to APSH I was bleeding non stop and the cramps had turned to contractions similar to that of giving birth. I was in pain and really scared for my life. Memang mentally tengah prepare diri for ANYTHING. I was actually that scared because I knew bleeding that bad in confinement is life threatening.

But syukur kepada Allah, the on-call gynae was a very experienced doctor and could command everything to happen ASAP. So waited for them to prepare everything, waited for the anesthesiologist, and I was good to go for the d&c.

I was put under full GA and before I knew it, someone was slapping my face to wake me up and said they were done. 

Alhamdulillah, when I fully woke up, the pain was gone and the bleeding had stopped.

I felt ok after that but getting up was hard at first. I had lost a lot of blood and I passed out after my first try of going to the bathroom. The doc was really worried that he might need to give me more blood and he kept coming to check up on me.

Thank goodness after a full night's rest I felt much better and could get up and walk about normally again without my bp dropping.

And that episode was ANOTHER RM4800 to APSH in addition to delivery costs of my third baby. Sour much? Definitely, of course. 

Even though "things like this happens" because doctors aren't gods, I think it could have been avoided. 

Like someone said, could "things like this happen" if it had been a royal baby or a vip baby being delivered? 

So the next time in the far far far future of delivering my next baby, I'll make sure to ask the doctor "Are you positively sure that my uterus is clear of any foreign bodies?" and "Can I confirm that with an ultrasound?" in the labour room BEFORE being released to the normal ward.

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Puteri said...

Get your future gynae to read this entry. She will definitely do a triple check!

Get well soon awak!

Hugs for Zayden!

Anonymous said...

errkkk... ngerinya. So i rasa bila 3 kali diseluk (lepas bersalin) adalah lebih baik dari jadi this bloody incident. BTW take care babe... jangan lupa pakai sock.. nanti takut terkena bentan. I kena bentan masa pantang anak no 3... (uish...sakit2 badan jadinya n susu jadi kering)

hae hanafi

Siti said...

I feel u. I pun pernah kena masa bersalin no 2. And masa bersalin no 3 (with the same gynae), i tanya dia banyak kali n make sure everything clear from my uterus. Mmg panik la. But alhamdulillah, semuanya ok. Rehat banyak2 ye

FAM said...

*speechless* Alhamdulillah everything is ok now. take care zura!

Liz said...

Went to my own gynae during my routine check up and told her your story. (Biasalah I, worry-wart). But she was surprised that the a different gynae treated you (the on-call one) instead of the ER going back to the gynae who delivered your baby. Different hospital, different procedures I guess. But Alhamdulillah everything is ok. That's the most important thing. Congratulations on the newborn!

Dewi Aja said...
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Dewi Aja said...
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