Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The Waiting Game

Ok. For the life of me I can't seem to fall back to sleep since 4am. And I've also been up every hour since last night.

So layan laa menulis dulu.

Had my 38th week week checkup yesterday. With Dr. Zalina at APSH. I like her so far. She's really nice and tak kelam kabut. Seems very patient (which I learned is very important when you want a doc to let you deliver as natural as possible).

Anyway, the baby's fine. Only 3kg at this point which is smaller than the other two at this stage. But doc noticed that the placenta is getting very matured. And compared to last week's checkup the amniotic fluid has decreased slightly now, though still at an acceptable level. 

So doc said looking at the amniotic fluid level, she's giving me a week to deliver naturally (and she did mention she preferred this, which gives her another tick in my book) kalau tak deliver jugak by then kena buat plan lain to avoid risks to the baby. And she did a VE on me *yikes!!! flashback!!!* and said jalan pun dah bukak slightly.

So yesterday after the checkup, gi buat that CTG monitoring thing. Memang ada dah contractions. So sekarang nii kira tengah tunggu sahaja. 

Told everyone to tell the boy to come out ASAP. Whenever you're ready boy :-) *but the sooner the better ♥♥♥

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