Monday, June 17, 2013

Jubail Home ln Memory

Feeling rather melancholic but trying not to layan perasaan so much. So I thought I'd just jot down a few lines even though dah lama tak blog anything.

I can't believe it's been YEARS living in this small and cosy house that we call home and today is the last day here... I am seriously going to miss this place...

I think this is the place that we grew as a family. Where I learned how to actually take care of my husband and kids on my own. Where I learned how to cook, all the hits and misses. Where Lyssa grew up from being the insecure tiny toddler to the confident girl she is now. This is the permanant home Zayn has ever known. Where I felt real contractions for the first time. Where I learned why grandmas don't allow moms in confinement to sit crossed legged or go up and down the stairs. This is where Zayn's firsts moments were all captured. This home is where I saw my husband grew in his role as our protector, the leader of this family.

And this home was where I also rediscovered my faith.

There has been a lot of plans for this year for my family. But indeed Allah has shown that He is the best of all planners. 

The uncertain future that we were worried about earlier this year is getting clearer. Pieces are beginning to fit like a puzzle. Things happen at the best of times for the bests of reasons. Alhamdulillah.

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Puteri said...

You found your blog password!! Yay!!

Welcome home darling! Hope to see you soon!