Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Flying At 35 Weeks Pregnant

Is something I never thought I'd be doing late in this pregnancy.

How was the flight? Event free, thank goodness.

But mostly I think its due to the fact that we were from Saudi Arabia going into KL and not the other way around. Women are queens in the Kingdom so I could lounge around sipping a drink while waiting for hubby to check in and handle the bags and everything (just tip the many many porters to help out). I didn't have to show myself at the check in counter thus minimising questions on why I have a watermelon under my abaya.

And yup, I was wearing an A-line abaya with a 3XL headscarf that covers up to my behind. That helped... well at least I think it helped made me look like a bear instead of a pregnant bear :-)

Oh btw... I did have a fit-to-fly medical certificate from my obgyn AND the printout from the airline's website stating that the last a pregnant woman can fly is 36 weeks (single uncomplicated pregnancies) just in case anyone asks. Gotta have these for self protection. But cuma kalau tak banyak soalan lagi senang laa kan. 

The obgyn siap banyak pesanan untuk masa dalam flight. Excersize the feet constantly while sitting (to avoid blood clots), drink plenty of fluids and get up and walk around. Did all that but kaki still bengkak jugak laa. My ankles tak wujud dah by the end of the flight.

But what helped to ease my journey the most was having the hubs FULLY handle the kiddos. That helped A LOT (thank you sayang!). 

And when choosing flights, hubs picked one with the bigger plane (even though transit lama sikit) definitely more legroom. And we also considered the transit location too. For us, taking into consideration the worst case scenario, being stranded in Dubai would be 'better' than being stranded in Columbo :-D

And finally, tak putus putus berdoa. Rabbi yassir wala tuassir rabbi tamim bil khair...

Alhamdulillah selamat sampai.

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Welcome home! Can't wait to see you.