Friday, January 11, 2013

Baby Number Three!

Alhamdulillah, rasanya dah nak masuk second trimester kot. The early symptoms are beginning to ease up.

It has been a trying few weeks. This is the hardest pregnancy by far (compared to the other two). I had to literally drag myself up and out of bed. Bad headaches, queasiness 24/7, feeling sleepy and tired all the time even though I just woke up... among other things on the list.

And then there's the bleeding. Almost from the moment I found out that I was pregnant, I started bleeding off and on. Nasib baik dah tau pregnant. I was really worried in the beginning. So bila dah dengar heartbeat baby baru confident bagitau the family.

But a few weeks back ada bad bleeding episode lagi. Risau sampai pergi emergency room sebab doc dah pesan. Sampai jer they all amik darah kat tangan yang dengan siap ready cucuk benda nak pasang IV tuu just in case kena admit. 

Masa tengah baring kat ER tunggu results terus flashback masa bersalinkan Zayn. Errkkk... let's just say it kinda made me nervous and I decided (at that particular time and moment laa) that this would be the last baby (seperti biasa hubs just smiled when I said that).

Anywaaaayyy, after hours and hours and hours of waiting (duduk Saudi nii memang kena BANYAAAAK bersabar) the doc who did the ultrasound found the cause of the bleeding, alhamdulillah at least we have answers. 

And the treatment is? Lots and lots of bedrest. To which my gynae smiled and said "try your very best to rest" when she looked at my file and saw that I have a two year old ;-) 

It's not too major sampai kena admit, but still can't exert myself too much cause the bleeding will irritate the womb which will cause it to separate from my uterus (I googled, so I THINK I got the explanation right), which is a bad thing.

So anyway, I'm praying the rest of my pregnancy journey will be smoother from now insyaallah. And the baby will come out perfect and happy and healthy insyaallah.

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JaNnAh said...

Insyaallah..everything will be ok..enjoy ur pregnancy..

~ N.I.N.A ~ said...

congrats zura!

~ N.I.N.A ~ said...

congrats zura!

Puteri said...

Take it easy. One baby step each day k? Before you know it, dah nak bersalin dah.

cerita dewasa said...
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