Sunday, November 25, 2012


What an eventful 2012 it has been. 


Zayn turning ONE in January. A cheeky little boy now, no longer the screaming baby that he was (though still very vocal and likes to bully his big sister).

The London, Paris, Disneyland vacation which was so much fun. 

Made the historical (in my book) Chanel purchase at the mothership store.

The awesome trip to Redang which had us all tanned like crazy. Hitam berkilat. My first time snorkelling. Sangat enjoy.

The raya trip home which had me and the kids back for months.

Enrolled Lyssa in a reputable kindergarten nearby and I saw her bloom before my eyes. More confident and outspoken. And in those few months she was there she learned to read (both in english and malay), add, subtract, learned about the environment, and animals habitats and emulsifiers (wowed me with that!!) among other things. Got to celebrate her birthday in school with her friends instead of just mommy and daddy. And the best part was dapat join end of the year concert too which she enjoyed herself to bits.

The year also saw Zayn macho-ing it up and stopped bf-ing :-) He's a milk box lil dude now. 

And it was a year to remember for the kiddos, being left in the care of other family members instead of mommy and daddy. But tough kiddos they were, no dramas whatsoever.

It's a year to remember for us. Had the opportunity to perform Hajj which was an experience to remember. Simply amazing subhanallah. 

Got lasik surgery done with with Prof. Muhaya. Thankfully she made it happen when it almost didn't. I'm still in awe of my 20/20 vision now and still tersasul sekali sekala bila nak tido ingat terlupa bukak contacts.

The jalan-jalan cari makan trip to Ipoh and Penang which was sooooooo yummy and saw the scales going up, up, up...

And the year isn't over yet... I'm sure the best news is yet to come. 


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puteri said...

Eh mana pegi my comments semalam?

Best gak buat recap. Baru nampak so many things happened in our lives. Maybe I should do a re cap too. Baru nampak what I should be thankful for.

I still smile everytime I see the word emulsifier.Lyssa oh lyssa!

Reading your last line, why do I feel that there's a big news coming? Hurry spill!

aizuraawang said...

Tuu laa kan... guess we shud always recap and be thankful for everything that comes our way...

Kita pun senyum everytime i see the word EMULSIFIER!!!! Hahahahaha.... dasyat budak2 tadika skrg....

Big news? No laaaa... just being general ;-)