Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Glorious Food!

The best (although this makes it the worst in terms of weight gain!) thing about being back home is the food.

And of course, the freedom to take the car keys and drive myself to go and buy (not cook!) whatever I feel like eating :-)

Pagi tadi, lepas hantar Lyssa school, gi breakfast berdua dengan Zayn. Zayn pagi-pagi mood dia memang marvelous, seronok bawak jalan... Breakfast nasi lemak rendang daging and telur mata. Nikmat! Si kecik pun enjoy!

Lepas tuu mall stroll as soon as it opened sebab malas balik dulu MIL xde. Got my bubble tea fix. Nice.

Now tunggu nak tick off teppanyaki and sushi from the list :-)
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