Friday, August 3, 2012

It's August Already??

It's August already???

Honestly, where'd the time go?

August is my birthday month :-)

I think when I  got pregnant and had the baby, I focused on the little one's progress so much that I forgot that I'm growing older with him too :-)

Seriously though, true story, earlier this year... Like in January or February, someone asked me how old I was.

I confidently answered, "THIRTY".

THIRTY!!! Dengan penuh yakinnya I jawab. Then I suddenly thought to myself (and also out loud to the person who was asking) with much surprise, "OMG! I'm NOT thirty, I'm THIRTY-ONE!!"

Hehehehe... Gelak si penanya tuu. Serious lupa ok. Bukan sengaja memudakan diri.

BUT THEN SUDDENLY, at the same moment, I'm hit with another realization, both in thought and out loud, "Wait a minute!! I'm thirty-one now, BUT I'm turning THIRTY-TWO this year!!!"


Seriously, where'd the time go? :-) Rasanya baru semalam 26...


puteri said...

eh betul la...kalau pasal umur, kita pun mcm akan ter stop and congak dalam kepala how old am I again?

Pastu baru tersedar..tua nye! Anak dah 2.

Btw, I love August too!

aizuraawang said...

Kan?! Kan?! Mula2 rasa mcm kelakar terlupa, but then rasa mcm 'aitt??? when was I 31???

Birthday breakfast jom!!! I'll be solo for our birthday this year huhuhuhu...

Eh, last time we got together for our birthday was at Dome with Elly n Taqif kan? I wasn't married yet then I think!

puteri said...

Joms! Nanti text me ur KL number k?