Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Homemade Mee Kuning

It is so satisfying to make something on my own from scratch. My very own homemade mee kuning. From flour to mee goreng :-)

I even gave Lyssa a ball of her own dough for her to machine. And I let her be. She flattened it and cut it all on her own, I let it simmer in boiling water for a bit, and she ate all of the portion that she made... Seronok dia :-)

At first nak pakai resipi yang tanpa air abu or asid borik or whatnot (betul ke tuu?). But then bila tengok resepi, sebijik macam resepi buat pasta except that you add powdered saffron/powdered tumeric/yellow coloring to it.

Macam tak best laa pulak (tak best for me!).

So googled a bit (everyone can now cook up a storm, anything and everything thanks to google... it's just a matter of adjusting to suit your taste) and found a resipi from here that looked doable.

Rasa macam mee, not pasta :-)

I halved the resipi. I'll simplify it for you below according to what I did k.

Oh, and me who can be amazingly clumsy at times dropped the darn cutting attachment of the pasta maker and it skimmed the side of my feet. Hurts like nobodys business!!! Tuu baru kena tepi kaki, dah lebam, nasib baik tak kena toes... confirm penyek.

I was cleaning the thing and totally forgot about the attachment, turned it upside down to wipe it clean and the rest is history. Nasib baik semua dah selesai masa tuu.

about 600 gm flour (i think, i just guestimate :-) a packet was 1kg, I used a bit more that half)
a tiny bit of sodium bicarb (hujung sudu jer, sikiiiit sangat!)
few drops of yellow colouring
pinch of salt
1 cup water
minyak masak

Make the karbonat soda/soda abu/air abu like here. I just put the tiny bit of soda bicarb in a metal spoon, used oven mitts and placed the spoon over the fire on the stovetop. You can see the change in the texture happening, and you're done.

Put that in the cup of water with the salt and coloring after its cooled a bit..

Add that bit by bit to the flour. Knead until it forms into a dough. The texture should be dry and feel just put together, if your hands feel wet then it's not right. Most of the recipes cakap "keras sikit".

The one cup of water was just nice for me.

Form smaller balls from the dough.

Roll in the pasta maker to flatten. Roll it a few times to make it nice and smooth to touch. First use the widest adjustment and then bring down to the size of your liking. I used one on the small-ish side.

You can prepare the pot of boiling water after you've flatten all your dough. Put in some oil to avoid your mee from sticking together.

Cut all your flat dough using the cutting attachment of your pasta maker.

Put in the boiling water for a few minutes, not too long, just until it floats to the top. Do this in batches, don't put all the mee in at once.

Spread it out on a flat tray to cool. Pour some oil on it if you think it feels sticky.

And you're done! :-)


pu3natul said...

Waahhh!!! Sangat impressive!

pu3natul said...

Waahhh!!! Sangat impressive!

aizuraawang said...

when push comes to shove... :-)

Adinina said...

hi mommylyssa.
i still read your blog once in a while (sorry sbb i pun not a blogger tegar,hihi).
Found all the activities you did as very interesting. Rasa nak buat those recipes tp tiada kesempatan lg :). But seronok tgk how you are enjoying your time as SAHM and making your stay abroad worthwhile.Zayn and Lyssa dh besar and so cute! Kdg2 terpikir if my hub kena posted oversea, I'll surely do the same like you do. stop working temporarily and enjoy!! :)

aizuraawang said...

I pun bukan blogger tegar gak... bila rajin jer... hehehehehe...

Apa yang I rasa menarik, boleh lah letak kat sini, but mostly hari2 masak biasa2 jer, layan anak2, tengok upin-ipin sampai rasa mcm nk muntah :-)

Tapi mmg seronok laa dapat jaga my own kids now, and polish my cooking skills. Masa kerja dulu mmg tau makan jer.