Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Another Kitchen Experiment: Making Cendol

Bila time rajin datang, jangan dihalang :-) Cos when the laziness takes over, nasi and lauk yang wajib jer lah hari-hari :-)

Summer months in the desert (you'd think it's ALWAYS summer here in Saudi Arabia, the desert that it is, but it has winter months too... single digits at that) is extremely hot. Can reach around 50degC. That's the reason for all the swimming activities lately, for almost every weekend now. Mengambil kesempatan sebelum bulan puasa tiba.

Anyway, felt like another kitchen project the other day. Making cendol. It took me more than one batch to get it right. More like FIVE I think :-)

I have no air kapur sireh. But being me, and wanting to experiment for myself if it works without, I tried it anyway. It doesn't. It will be too soft. I guess now I know the function of air kapur sireh :-) It helps bind the mixture together.

So anyway, I tried 2 recipes without the air kapur sireh, and one worked for me. Turned out beautifully.

Yum yum yum... Now all I need is an ice shaving machine :-)

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