Monday, July 9, 2012

Al-Areen Resort & Spa, Bahrain

Went to Bahrain for a second time last weekend. Inilah akibatnya bila dah ada multiple visa, asyik nak berjalan jer.

Well actually we had another plan that kinda didn't materialize, so I guess this was the best for us :-)

Anyway, we went to this amazing resort, Al-Areen Resort & Spa. Yup, we have to go through customs and immigrations just to get there. But this time we went a bit earlier so it only took about 20 minutes to get accross the border.

The resort was amazing though. Totally worth the trip! The resort consists of clusters of villas with its own private pool. Private pool! Time to take out them bathing suits!

The resort was previously under The Banyan Tree but now no longer. So the rate has somewhat gone down, and it's got a few bad reviews under the new management, poor maintenance, poor service bla bla bla, we googled a whole lot. So we were apprehensive at first but then decided to just judge for ourselves.

Glad that we went though cos the place was really nice. True that it could be more well kept in some areas, but other than that, it was a great stay for us (but I think it's not for those who are REALLY cerewet cos there ARE minor negatives here and there).

We had no problems in the service department. Every request was attended to somewhat promptly :-)

The villa itself is just amazingly beautiful. The decor, the lush bed, the luxurious bathroom, the terrific BOSE sound system. The pool could use a little cleaning though cos there was sand in the bottom. But forgiven I guess because there was a bit of a sandstorm before we arrived.

Private villa, private pool... aaaaahhhh... sangat best! What more can I say. Pictures!!


Puteri said...

I longggg for a holiday!

I need a break!!

aizuraawang said...

I'm sure you do... and don't you also have a party to plan?? Hehehehe... Stress kah?

Puteri said...

Hahaha Sangat stress! Zits coming out already from nowhere!!

Can't wait for Ramadhan to come to just relax and enjoy the holy month.