Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We're done!

So today is the fifth day. I guess I can safely say WE'RE DONE!
Dia tak mintak dah. Just time nap/tido jer nanti kena adjust blajar tido takyah dukung dancing-dancing :-)

Alhamdulillah I guess the major drama was only on the first day. Lepas tuu I can say he took it fairly well for someone who's been on the b's everyday for the last 16months :-)

Can learn something from him about kicking an addiction :-)

So sekarang nii, instead of taking my hand in his tiny little hands and leading me to landing-landing dengan dia for is nen fix, he now takes my hand and leads me to the kitchen, "Get me some food mommy!!".

Bangun-bangun pagi jer ajak masuk dapur suruh amik cornflakes and susu kotak dia. Lepas tuu duduk lah dia mengunyah sambil sipping on his milk. Awwww.... big boy already laaa....

The bottle? Don't be fooled by the picture, tuu tak sampai seminit jer kot. Dia macam ada sikit tensi dengan bottle tuu kot rasanya. Pantang nampak, mesti botol tuu kena tepis! Hahahahaha... I guess in his mind, he blames the bottle for not bfing... hahahahaha....

But if you know me, I also prefer if he doesn't use the bottle. So ok jer laa. Because the important thing is that he gets is milk :-)

We're done. What a bitter sweet thing to say.


pu3natul said...

Dukung dancing-dancing...hahahaha!! Totally understand because I do that too!

Bagus wak tak pakai bottle..don't start. Nanti jadi cam kita..seksa nye nak wean.

Anyway, congrats! Mommy dah graduate BF!*baling topi atas awan*

aizuraawang said...

Letih wooo dukung dancing-dancing nii... sakit tulang-tulang... umpama sajer suka2 nak menari dgn seguni beras :-)

but burns the calories i guess... muahahahahaha....

tuu laa kita pikir, krg kalau lekat pakai botol, lepas nii nak kena ajar wean from botol pulak... letih arr... nasib tak lekat... tapi since dia kecik lagikan... still offer jugaklah...

grad master jer :-p