Saturday, June 16, 2012

Trip To Al-Ahsaa @ Hofuf

We've been telling Lyssa about the swimming weekend with her friends for about a week now. It's been a bribe for getting her to learn :-p

"Tulis 1-50 kalau tak kita tak gi swimming"

"Kira 1-100 kalau tak kita tak gi swimming"

"Write your lowercase abc's kalau tak kita tak gi swimming"

You get the picture :-)

Anyway, on the day of the trip itself, amik ko, she woke up at 4am. I celik jer dia pun celik gak. I was busy in the kitchen she was already restless rolling around on the bed but afraid to get up, takut kita marah dia.

After I finished cooking and wanted to get a bit of shuteye before it was time to get the kids ready dengar Lyssa bisik, "Bila nak pegi swimming nii mommy? Lambatnya nak pergi."

Sedar-sedar dia pun akhirnya terlelap jugak kat sebelah.

After getting the kids ready and packing all the essentials into the car, we headed to the meeting point with everyone else. 4 families and 5 singles and another family joining us at the actual istirahah. We were the last to arrive :-p

First stop was Half Moon Bay, about an hour an hour and a half drive away. It's a homemade lunch by the sea. Sounds teriffic right? But these summer days in the Kingdom are terribly hot mind you. It was probably around 45degC that day. But the beautifully built shades did help... a bit.

Jalan ke Half Moon Bay yang sangat adventure because the roads are actually closed for construction so a lot of dirt roads and a whole lotta trucks. But buat cara Arab, cari jugak jalan nak lalu :-) And there were other cars using that road too, it wasn't just us.

Three cars from our convoy in front of us and another one behind us. Total of 5 cars altogether.

Our car stopping dead right in the middle of a train track :-) Apo nak dikato, kalau Ummi Lyssa ada mesti dah suruh balik dah :-)

Pictures of the actual picnic lunch at Half Moon Bay takde lah pulak. Semua dok sibuk melantak time nih.

After lunch and prayers (kat beach pun ada tempat disediakan untuk solat) mula lah perjalanan ke Al-Ahsaa. Stopping to view the majestic rocky mountains.

That's my son being his cheeky self at the top. And my daughter and her friend and also our neighbour who rode with us.

Notice all that dust in the last picture? Not from an excavator or whatever, it's actually the wind blowing the sand in circles.

After that we went to visit Masjid Jawata. Read the description in the pic ok.

Masa nii salah turn. Ingat boleh keluar kat highway beyond the sand on the left in the picture. But rupanya tak boleh. So kena patah balik single file sebab jalan kecik.

Lepas tuu gerak ke Al-Gara Mountain. Subhanallah sangat kagum dengan ciptaanNya. I told you the weather was extremely hot right, but inside it's as cool as can be. Sejuk sedap jer walaupun kat luar tuu panas terik.

By the time we finished exploring the caves it was past 5pm and the kids were already asking, "Kenapa tak sampai sampai tempat swimming nii??!"

So off we go... be continued k :-)


Puteri said...

Tak tahan tengok gambar minum straw tuuu!! So comelll!!!

aizuraawang said...

Rasa macam nak picittttt jer muka dia :-p he's now at the stage where he's experimenting drinking and spitting it out... Baju yg dia pakai tuu tak sampai destination dah kena tukar :-))