Friday, February 3, 2012

Making Choices

So why didn't I stick to one program after having had previous success? Well, I guess it's all a matter of the moment.

I had all the time in the world when I was a teenager. Nothing to worry about except homework and exams. Boleh lah balik jer sekolah, lepas rehat2, with KRU blaring away (hahahahahahaha!! yes!! KRU) get on the machine and ride away. So the main focus was on EXERSIZING MORE... eating less was focus number two (but penting juga tau!).

image googled

Being a first time mommy, everything, every moment, every step I took I had to consider my baby. Baby first. Bila balik rumah, nak mandi lebih 5minit pun rasa bersalah, apa lagi nak spend min half and hour for myself. So I decided at that time the main focus is on EATING LESS... and breastfeeding and taking care of the baby will be my exercise (aci kan??).

But controlling what I eat while counting calories and making sure I had all the right nutrients to provide for my baby at the same time can be quite challenging. Sebab tuu masa tuu decide to take a meal replacement plan. Cukup semua protein, carbs and fats dan lain-lain semua in one yummy shake. Tak payah risau. Kalau rasa macam kurang, tambah oats to the drink, oats kan boleh bantu penghasilan susu ibu:-)

For my second baby nii pulak, I did try the exersizing way kan. That was when Zayn was smaller and slept more. Sekarang nii dah besar, dah pandai mintak attention, humph... nak gi toilet pun susah (I'm sure most SAHMs will understand). Camaner nak maintain that 40 minutes on the stepper, kalau berhenti-berhenti?? Your heartrate will drop and you won't really burn the calories (do you know that??).

That's me baru jer lepas habis pantang. We went to Jeddah to make Zayn's passport. Thank goodness for black abayas

So why tak pakai Herbalife lagi?Well one, because it's not easily available here in Saudi. And two, well, it's fun changing it up right. The excitement of trying something new. Boring laa benda sama :-)

So timing my friend promote barang dia sangat sesuai. Price pun ok. Apa lagi... Terus cuba...

Bila dah cuba and ada perubahan yang sangat sangat positif tuu, excited laa. Tapi curious jugak macamana boleh hilang sampai 3kgs in 9 days jer.

That's my Lyssa eating pizza. Masa nii tengah dalam 9 day program tuu. Sabarjerlah *rolls eyes*

Well, selain the meal replacement shake, the plan also has me taking aloe vera gel, omega-3 and bee pollen tablets. So google-ing for info, I found out that all three has one thing in common. They're all believed to be able to assist and promote fat loss and increase metabolism (but of course with all research ada juga yang disagree, I choose to be positive :-)). And the aloe vera gel initially will rid the body of toxins so the body is able to better absorb all the nutrients from the meal replacement and supplements that I'm taking.

This is recently. Not there yet, but getting there. The product also makes my skin more moist and supple.

Baik jugak tukar benda lain. I learned something new. Sometimes we don't know that we didn't know. Yang kita tak tau tuu yang boleh membantu kita :-))

Nanti I'll write more about meal replacement plans k. It's not a magic potion.


pu3natul said...

KRU ye? Hehe..keriangan zaman remaja ku..the good ol days when there's nothing to worry...*aaahh bliss*.

Eh the skin tu bukan sebab SKII ke?

Yes that's the picture I was telling you about..yang awak nampak kurus tu. Mmg dah kurus pun.

aizuraawang said...

I'll tell you about the SK2 in private k... ada laa pros and cons nya jugak...

Oh, and I'm just not talking about my face, but all over. Winter2 nii kan slalu kering mmg wajib kena pakai lotion (last year sampai taram letak vaseline jer sbb dah tak tahan sangat!!) kalau tak mmg PERIT...

Now not so much... I had dry rough skin on my forearms which went away without lotions or vaseline... So I credit that to the aloe vera.

the best part, no cracked heels. OMG... tuu mcm wajib jer last winter!!

aizuraawang said...

chup lupa nak komen... KRU!!!!! wakakakakakaka... OMG I have a morbid running around the mall flashback... with Eva!!! hahahahaha!!!