Sunday, February 12, 2012

Just A Thought...

‎*Berfikirlah sebelum berkata kata, jangan berfikir sesudah berkata kata sebab sebelum perkataan keluar ianya kita punya, apabila sudah keluar ianya orang punya. Dari kata kata sahaja, kita boleh mendapat banyak kawan kawan dan lawan.*

Ok. That was posted on the FB status of a motherly someone who somehow I have only met once but have my admiration and respect. She posts a lot of words of wisdom on her status (be it from the Quran or hadiths or just general quotes) that are just inspiring and really good to read.

Just relating to the above, sometimes my mind does tend to wonder a lot and then just think random thoughts. These thoughts in my head may stay in my head, or I guess if I'm with someone at the time, it may tend to escape from my lips and into the ears of a friend. and if it's a negative thought, well goodness me, pahala free jer laa orang yang dikatakan tuu ye tak? I guess that's why gossiping or the tendency to mengata orang while gossiping is really up there when it comes to sins, sebab you have to ask forgiveness from the one yang dikata which is hard right?

So anyway, just rambling about in hopes I get to rid myself of an evil thought that is still lingering in my head :-) so if I whisper the thought to just one friend pun dah kira bad, kalau tulis as a status on mukabuku for everyone to see lagi lah, ye tak? So I pray I dapat tapis segala benda yang jari jemari nii menaip sebelum tekan butang share tuu. I guess I just don't know whose feelings I might hurt even though the post is random and unspecific. I'm not perfect, I do apologize if I've ever hurt anyone before with what I've written.

I guess I'm just still feeling the effects of negative random status on mukabuku myself so tersedar jugak nii :-))

Just babbling memalam ni.

May Allah forgive us all for our sins.

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pu3natul said...

Betul tu..bila dah letak kat mukabuku tu, kita pulak ter baca..dah kira dosa plak kan...belum lagi tang yang baca comments yang panjang lebar plak.