Thursday, January 19, 2012

Made With Love

Pavlova made for a pregnant mommy here in Jubail. She has been mentioning a few times about wanting to order this and I on the other hand have bought all the stuff to make it but ada sajer halangan. The day I finally made it and sent it to her she was already a few days overdue. I felt so relieved sempat jugak bagi dia makan before she gave birth (today!). Yerlah... kalau anak dia keluar asyik meleleh jer air liur nanti cemaner? :-))Trusted recipe from blog Kak Nani.

This is made from instant chocolate cake flour. Given by a friend who was going back to Malaysia and needed to handover her bahan-bahan basah. Topping tuu pun inclusive skali cuma i added a bit more cocoa powder. Oh, and the tepung is Made in Kuantan I think, bukan yang supermarket punya.

Red velvet with cream cheese frosting. This one I have been meaning to do for ages cuma takut nak buat sebab ingat complicated sangat. Tak rupanya. Cuma the cream cheese topping could do with a lot more cream cheese :-) Recipe is from Liz. Except for the frosting, which I created on my own with the ingredients that I have.

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She Wears Premium Beautiful said...

oh my, i am not pregnant pun terus craving after looking at these pictures! ahhaha.. looks yummy :)