Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Let's Talk About Weight Loss

A topic of interest for most women right?

I'm no expert, I just want to share my experience. And I think I've got quite a lot to share.

Let's start with my childhood. Face it, I've always been the fat kid. Peaked when I was 16 at 75kgs. I'm only 158cm tall. I lost the weight through exercise back then. Used one machine yang macam skiing on air tuu my aunt beli from Kayla BH. Slowly lost the weight and by the time I turned 17, I don't remember how much I weighed but looking at the pictures, it was pretty normal if not just slightly chubby. I think I lost more or less 15 kilos slowly back then.

Then all through uni didn't really have the time to exercise regularly so I kept the weight off mostly through consuming Nona Roguy sporadically. Now for those who've tried this herbal product knows how it works. Take it the night before and you'll be on the throne by morning. It doesn't really help me lose weight, just more to maintaining. I think I weighed around 55-57kgs when I was 19.

Then on a 4week break from pre-uni, I exercised for 45mins-1 hour a day religiously morning AND evening and really watched what i ate and lost that 5-7kgs in that 4 weeks. During my 2+4 years in uni, my lightest was at 49kgs.

Tapi bila nak dekat final year tuu slowly naik balik sikit-sikit. I didn't really watch what I eat. But I was more or less ok with being 55kgs. No protuding collarbone.

Before I got married I weighed 57kgs. I got married in December. Two months later during my first pregnancy checkup I weighed 60kgs. Gila apa 3 kilo naik lepas kawin 2 bulan. Nasib ada alasan pregnant hahahahah.

Gained exactly 19kgs during my first pregnancy. 10kgs of which was shed easily masa dalam pantang. But after that, numbers dah tak gerak dah. Stayed put at 69kgs. Dengan alasan makan untuk breastfeed. Makan skali hadap memang dua pinggan nasik macamana nak turun. Cuma tak naik jer, itu pun sebab breastfeeding kot. kalau tak memang confirm naik mendadak.

A few months before Lyssa turned one I just had it with my weight. I couldn't stand looking at my fat self in the mirror anymore. So I called a random Herbalife distributor, met him on that day itself. Bought RM600 worth of products that's supposed to last a month. Started the very next day. Lost a kilo a week. In less tha two months, I was happy with myself. I weighed 59kgs.

In between the first and second pregnancy, biasalah kejap naik kejap turun. Tak stop completely with Herbalife cuma not as committed. Pakai Premium Beautiful corset masa nii laa. It really helped me maintained my weight and reshape my body. Tried jugak Usana masa tuu. Tapi tak serious sangat.

I started my second pregnancy at 61kgs. Masa tuu baru sampai Saudi and memang sedap melantak Nasi Khabsa jer, naik lah badan. But I gained exactly the same weight as my first pregnancy 19kgs cuma kali ni cecahlah angka 8 tuu (cringe!!).

Same as the first pregnancy, the first 10kgs was a breeze to lose. Then stagnant. Tak gerak2. Hubby bought the stepper for me a few months after pantang. I used that with Kevin Zahri's Lose 5kgs in 5weeks program. Of course it worked! But memang paksa diri jaga makan, count calories and excersize sampai hilangkan 500calories a day which is about 40-45mins on the stepper.

And then raya came. Balik Malaysia. Holiday Penang. Makan tak ingat. Berat naik 3kg. Urrrgghhhh!!! Time melantak tak beringat. Balik rumah Saudi balik terus rasa bluerrghhhh.

Lepas tuu bila nak Raya Haji tuu baru datang semangat balik nak kurangkan berat bila berpuasa sunat 9 hari di awal bulan Zulhijjah dapat turunkan berat badan sikit.

Then come recently. Memang still tak puas hati with my weight. Then my friend and neighbour dok promote barang dia to us. Yang dia dok promote bukan weight loss products specifically because she's naturally skinny, but more to health and beauty products. But I noticed ada jugak 2 part program untuk orang yang nak lose weight. So me being me who'll try anything, tried it.

Finished the first part of the program and LOST 3KGS IN 9DAYS!! I really could not believe my eyes staring at the weighing machine every morning. Turun turun turun! Wooo!! hooo!! I mean I'm the most sceptical person if someone says you can lose more than one kilo a week, but bila dah alami sendiri it's like WOW! IT WORKED!

But that's the first part laa where the program really cleanses the body and burns the fat preparing me for the next phase. I'm doing the next phase now, and yang ini I expect slow and steady sikit because it's a longer duration.

I'll explain what the product is in my next post because macam dah panjang sangat post nii.

But I have to conclude with this. If you want to lose weight, then get off your butt and do something about it! Complaining does not burn calories!

Choose ONE program and stick to it! Insyaallah, if it's one that encourages excersize, healthy living and consuming fewer calories, than it will work. Kalau yang stok promote boleh makan banyak2 telan magic pill boleh kurus... yang tuu I tak percaya :-)


pu3natul said...

Inspiring entry.

Baiklah! I'm moving my butt now!!

I have started running again.

aizuraawang said...

Good! That's what I'd hope... Cos some people have excuses for everything... including me!!!

I think its just a matter of choosing one thing and sticking to it!