Sunday, December 18, 2011

Circle of Nurturing ~ Breastfeeding Social Morning in RIyadh

Early last week out of the blue I suggested to my husband why not we go to Riyadh for the weekend. At that time it was "just because"' no particular reason to make the 4 hour trip. Just that it's a big city, and we city folks living in a small town just need to be in the hustle and bustle of the big city life once in a while hahahaha. Skali skali gi mencari traffic jam apa salahnya ;-)

So anyway, the trip still wasn't confirmed but hubby just noncommittedly told me to check out the hotels there. But masa tuu still tak tengok pun lagi. Then midweek tetiba dapat email from a yahoo group I joined recently, the La Leche League in the Middle East. I think all bf moms know what LLL is right? They were having a meeting that particular weekend! What a coincidence on the timing, I didn't want to miss the opportunity to meet other bf mommies from different parts of the world (the group wasn't founded by a local) so after confirming with the hubs I RSVPed confirming my attendance.

Apparently this is only their fourth official meeting in Riyadh. They're opening a bf center called the Al-Bidayah soon in Riyadh, similar to the one in Jeddah. The center will be opening soon so meanwhile the meetings are hosted in the homes of the members. It was the first time I went to a strangers house for a bf meeting :-)

The group was warm and inviting. The hostess was very friendly. But the topic for that particular meeting the Marmet technique (ok, I have this love hate relationship with pumping out milk ~ tak kiralah by pump or tangan) wasn't the most interesting topic FOR ME but I enjoyed it nonetheless. Meeting mothers who are as enthusiastic about breastfeeding as I am is always a great thing Masyaallah. It just reaffirms my faith that what I believe in (breastfeeding exclusively ~ no supplements of water or formula or anything for the first 6 months!) is totally worth the effort. Lagi-lagi bila dah jadi SAHM and memang BOLEH dan ADA MASA untuk breastfeed secara eksklusif.

It was also at the meeting that I found out for the first time that some ladies carry their babies inside their spacious long black robes and also breastfeed their babies in there with no one none the wiser. (Local ladies wear a black robe different from the normal abayas we're familiar with. Theirs are long and shapeless and covers from head to past the feet, ada nama dia tapi lupa amenda). Interesting. Maybe that's why I never see people breastfeeding in public... maybe they actually are but it's really really discreet ;-)

So anyway, I couldn't take pictures out of respect for the ladies there who uncovered their veils. I do hope I will be able to attend another meeting in the near future insyaallah.


pu3natul said...

The culture there still FM dominates ke?

Anak2 Arab dah biasa duduk dalam dalam baju mak. Anak kita baru tutup sikit dengan tudung dah meronta2 melepaskan diri..pfft!!

aizuraawang said...

I just found out that in this whole Kingdom, there are only TWO baby friendly hospitals..... So, you can guess for yourself how they fail to realize the importance of breastfeeding a newborn. Most moms yg kita jumpa had to argue with the nurses to let the baby stay with them from birth. It's like going back to the 90's...

Zayn suka tarik2 tudung kita jugak!!!