Monday, October 31, 2011

Swimming The Desert Sand

Last Thursday (which is the weekend here for us) we joined our neighbour and another Malaysian family and a couple of 'singles' for a bbq picnic in the desert. That's what most locals do during their weekends here when the weather is nice and cool. It's usually the park, the beach or desert sands.

Lama jugak tak menjejak kaki ke padang berpasir ni. The last time was last year when I was still carrying Zayn in my tummy.

Orang yang paling seronok sekali mestilah Cik Lyssa. She was in sand heaven ;-)

Mula-mula tuu dia macam was-was jugak nak panjat bukit pasir yang curam tuu. Daddy had to hold her hand the first time up AND down. After that, there was no stopping that girl :-) Up, down, feet first, head first it was free reigns for her. No limits as long as she stays within eyeshot.

From light to sunset till there was stars in the sky.

It was also the first time Zayn touched sand. I sat him on the ground shoes off and he just sat as still as can be. First time, kagum kot. He was curious. He touched the sand with his fingers, but that was it. Takde plak nak genggam ramas-ramas like he did the first time he touched grass. Then bila I tenggelamkan kaki dia dalam pasir dia mula start merengek. Hahahaha. After that terus mintak dukung ;-)Lepas tuu tido sampai balik.

And a first for me was praying outside surrounded by the sand dunes, which is the norm for locals. Di mana-mana sahaja they will stop and pray bila masuk waktu. Kat highway nak ke Mekkah tuu, you'll see people parking their cars alongside the road and praying right there on the sandy ground.

Come nighttime, the skies were clear and we could see stars in the sky. Beautiful. MasyaALLAH.

Sambil tuu isi perut dengan makanan yang dibawa. BBQ chicken, sausage, udang, sotong, meehoon goreng, bread pudding, kuih seri muka and i brought popiah goreng n pasta. Nikmat dunia :-)

Enjoy the pics, sama kat my fb. Tak dan nak watermark, so please don't copy k.


pu3natul said...

Sangat cantik!

The cuaca sejuk ke panas tu? Windy tak? Nampak cam rambut Lyssa terbang2..pasir tak masuk mata?

aizuraawang said...

Tak sejuk sgt, tak panas sgt. Just nice. A little bit windy. My drama princess sorang jer yg pasir masuk mata, the other kids tak pun, go figure :-p