Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I'm Sorry

Probably the hardest words to say... Is it though?

Why is giving 1001 excuses easier than saying "I'm Sorry".

Example yang dulu harituu k. Bila ada masalah sedikit dengan online seller, instead of saying "Maaf yer tak get back to you bla bla bla bla" which would immediately cool me down of course, she straight away went on a defensive mode and came up with 1001 excuses.

Which reminds me I should really give props to a certain online shop which replied emails apologetically when she was late in her replies. Takde hal pun sebenarnyakan, cuma we as customers just need reassurance especially when purchasing online. Apologize, rectify, and move on. Habis cerita.

I used to work in the customer service industry, and honestly, a customer would really cool down if you're apologetic. Ada satu customer nii siap call the next day mintak maaf because he maki-hamun me tak pasal-pasal one day. I cried ok! Tapi masa tgh call tuu saya just maintained my cool.

How about apologizing to your husband or family members? Senang? Susah?

How about to your friends? Or would you rather lose your friendship than your 'dignity'?

How about to your children? Or are you afraid of losing your 'respect me' status?

How about to your children's friends or parents? If your child has ever committed wrong knowingly or dengan tak sengajanya masa bergurau-gurau... Wouldn't it just be easier to apologize?

I guess sometimes we ourselves tend to give 1001 excuses on why we SHOULDN'T apologize... but the fact of the matter is, apologizing won't cost you a cent. You won't lose friendship or family ties, you'll even gain your customers trust.

Then why is it so hard to apologize?


pu3natul said...

Another online shopping frustration?

AizuraAwang said...

no :-)