Thursday, October 27, 2011

Easy Vanilla Cheesecake With Strawberry Compote

Ever since that Masterchef Australia 3 episode where Donna Hay came for a masterclass on her Basic Cheesecake recipe, I have been drooling for some and then some more.

I satisfied my craving at Fuddruckers in Al-Rasheed Mall, Al-Khobar. Honestly, it was yummy for dessert at a burger joint. It was a slice of yummy basic cheesecake topped with strawberry sauce.

Then hubby bought a slice from the local pastry chain Saaddeddin, not so yummy. Biasa jer.

So while surfing the Donna Hay website I came across her recipe for Easy Vanilla Cheesecake With Marinated Raspberries. Looked simple enough. So I put it on my to do list and finally was able to make it tadi. Except I topped with strawberry compote instead cos I only found frozen strawberries in the supermarket.

Try it! Super easy and super yummy!!


pu3natul said...

Did you read Pink Stilettos punya cheese dessert thingy tu? nampak yummy gak yg tu.

aizuraawang said...

Yup.similar jer except tt ones simpler. Tts by nigella this one's Donna hay. So both v.promising ;-)