Saturday, August 20, 2011

Zayn @ Iftar Gathering

Yesterday we had an iftar invite at one of the beach camps in Fanateer, Chevron Beach Camp. Kalau dekat sini, in some areas along the beaches there are private compounds that people can rent to carry out activities. So bolehlah women pun join skali. These Arabs kan very private people, especially so when it comes to their women.

By the way, when I say camp, I don't mean tents. Their "camps" is a compound with several buildings, ada hall area, dining, toilet, playground, padang... so its actually a big area.

So anyway, it was the first time since Zayn was born dapat join any social gatherings hosted by Malaysians here. And I have to say, Zayn behaved pretty well. Kalau dulu tuu takut/malas skit nak bawak, cos he's a screamer. And boy, does he have a powerful set of lungs. But now alhamdulillah, not so much. Kalau dia ngantuk, dia boleh tido without much fuss.

So lepas nii bolehlah bawak lagii yer dik...

CUMA, budak kecik nii cemek skit. Orang tak leh tegur dia. NANGIS!!! Orang tegur jer dia, dia nangis meleleh air mata merah-merah semua :-) HAhahahahahahah!!! Adik... adik... we'll have to work on that...

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