Monday, August 15, 2011


After giving birth, during confinement and up until he turns about 6 months I felt really strongly about not wanting any more children (seriously!).

I have two. I have a boy and a girl. What more do I need.

Then he fills up. Laughs. Touches my face with his tiny hands. Is just plain adorable I never want the moments to end! And my girl gets more independant. Brave. And begins to let go of mommy little by little. And makes me watch Barbie in the 12 Dancing Princessess with her and I think, "Wouldn't it be fun to have 12 kids?"

Hahahaha... from only 2 to 12... go figure.

Seriously though, for me, the toughest part about having babies is the first 6 months of their lives. I can deal with the pregnancy. I can (now) deal with childbirth. I can deal with the few days in the hospital. But the day I take them home, I immediately start my 'stressed-out-24/7-constantly-worried' mode.

Then they turn 6 months and only do I feel like I can breathe a tiny little bit easier. I think it's because they start eating by then. Yeah, Zayn's started eating already. A week before he turned 6months, just like his sister. Yeah, I'm a rule breaker ;-p

He's taken to food well. Just like Lyssa it's mainly a rice + chicken/beef (stock only so far, not the actual meat) + veg. Boil and blend. No salt or sugar. EXCEPT for him, I've also introduced Cerelac. The first day he actually gagged. Now he's ok with it. I just needed him to get used to one easy to make alternative since we travel a lot. Dulu masa time Lyssa sampai kena pack frozen blended rice which in the end she didn't even want to eat cos rasa dia tak sama dengan the freshly cooked ones kan. So last-last tak makan.


pu3natul said...

I think my hardest part is GOING BACK TO WORK.

I remember getting emotional during IY..and now I'm starting to feel the tempias2 for ZU (padahal there's one month to go).

My okay moment is after IY turned 1. For ZU, dunno yet.Maybe shorter but I'm not counting on it.

aizuraawang said...

I remember that feeling. And I left Lyssa in the care of trusted MIL and I STILL felt bad... So I can just imagine hou you feel. Berdoa jer lah awak... trust you instincts when choosing the right carer.