Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lyssa's Diaperless Journey

After a year plus of "potty training", I can now officially say she's fully off the diapers.

Yup, it took that long.

Well, mostly because I let her lead the way with whatever she (and also this mommy) is comfortable with.

Masa mula-mula start dulu memang stress giler lah. I guess I expected too much within a short time. Lepas tuu mommy nii chill a bit and let her be. But tetap tak putus remind her about the whole pee in the toilet thing.

And alas, one fine morning, she woke up and said to me, "Mommy, Lyssa nak kencing", so I immediately took off her diaper and led her to pee in the bathroom. That was on my mom's birthday last year. She could finally tell me that she has an urge to pee BEFORE she actually goes.

Lepas tuu tak jugak diaper free. Slowly jer perjalanan, kalau kat rumah, tak pakai. Kalau jalan and malam, memang kena pakai. And she also had to wear it if she wanted to poo cos dia tanak poo duduk kat potty.

We did that for quite a while.

Then mula laa slowly start, siang tak pakai. Kalau kuar kejap-kejap pun tak pakai. But malam and poo time still pakai cos she still tanak duduk potty and mommy tak confident bab tak pakai diaper malam.

But baru nii, finally, after countless times asking her if she wants to use the potty to poo, she FINALLY said YES. Lepas tuu, dia yang excited nak poo kat potty.

And I've been noticing that her diaper isn't even wet in the mornings anymore cos she goes masa dia mandi pagi, so mommy let her be diaper free at night too (tapi I make sure she goes to the toilet right before bedtime. And only a sip of water if she asks).

So my baby girl is fully diaper free now (tapi still simpan satu dalam kereta for emergencies!!). Slow and steady jer... takde apa nak dikejar pun... she'll only turn 4 this november. Takdelah lambat ke apa kan ;-)


Zety Zin said...

My son pulak masih berdiaper bila tidur malam. Dia tu super duper punya heavy wetter hehe. Tah bila agaknya boleh betul2 diaperless.

aizuraawang said...

Zety... takpe-takpe... slow and steady jer. Hari-hari pesan lama2 menjadi gak tuu nanti ;-) How's ur pregnancy? Sumer ok?

pu3natul said...

Looks like my diaperless journey will be somewhat similar to yours.

Thanks awak...Reading this made me feel "it's okay..don't rush it..go slow"

Takpe kan? biar lambat asal menjadi.

aizuraawang said...

jgn lupa to constantly remind and citer2 jer... he'll get it right on his own ;-)