Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Son

When I have a lot of things on my mind, I tend not to write a lot... haaaa... because I think a lot of negativity in a public blog will just bring in more negative energy... right?

Anyway, haven't written much about my boy Zayn this time around right. Masa Lyssa dulu rajin jugak buat milestones. Hahahaha... firstborns are special in their own way.

Zayn's a real BOY. You can see it in his facial features. A real boy's boy. Plus he likes to sleep, poop & fart all the time!! He's broken the silence of the night a few times with his loud farts!! Hahahahahaha!!

Oh oh oh... and he would rather sleep than bf kalau malam2. Kalau kita paksa jugak he will either nyot buat syarat just to please mommy OR kalau tak good mood berdengus and turn his face away from me.

And he has the sweetest smile ever!! With a dimple on one cheek!! I'm excited to hear him laugh... can't wait.


pu3natul said...

Oh masa lyssa dulu dia tak fart mcm zayn ke? i thot all newborns fart like that. must be a boy's thing huh? coz IY dulu pun suka kentut kuat jugak..my mom selalu kata "whole villa boleh dengar dia kentut". Which meant from her house boleh dengar la kononnye.

as for me, i tend to write more on this pregnancy than during IY. don't know about the milestone bila dia lahir nanti. maybe not so much. especially when you have your hands full with 2 kids kan?

you're right - firstborns will always be special in their own way. despite what people say about them being the outcast when the adik comes along.

to me, my firstborn will always be my first love at first sight.

aizuraawang said...

Must not be as much cos I don't remember her farting THIS much THIS LOUD!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!

Oh, and another boy-ish trait I think. Dia tak penggeli. Kalau kita tak chk kekadang kita tak tau dia dah poo. He can sleep with poo filled diaper ok! Lyssa dulu pampers kotor jer dia mula tak senang duduk.

Not outcast laa... but it IS different cos the baby needs attention 24/7 esp cos he's bf-ing. I feel guilty all the time masa mula2 cos she's not getting all of me like before... but she's adjusting well now ;-)

Mrs Noba said...

lama tak jengah ur blog and here you are with a cutie pie :)

aizuraawang said...

Thanks MN!