Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Breastfeeding Story

So after the baby came out, the doctor immediately put him on my tummy bloody mucus and all. Masyaallah, what a sight I tell you. A wonderful gift from the Creator.

After they cut the cord and everything, a nurse took the baby to clean him up and all that stuff and gave him back to me shiny and blood free.

I took that opportunity to pull back my gown and bring him to my b's. Sekejap jer tapi, but nevertheless ;-)

Then, as all newborns here, they took him away for observation which the nurse informed will take about 3 hours.

We waited for him that night but he never came. When asked, the nurse informed that they will only send him to me early the next morning.

So at around 6am the next day only did I get to see and breastfeed my baby.

I stayed at the hospital for 2 nights and for both nights the baby slept at the nursery throughout (means formula fed laa tuu). During the day pun he was only with me a few hours at a time which I fully utilized and kept him at the b's at all times.

I expected the bf bump when we got home on the 3rd night because he was already used to a formula filled tummy for 2 nights in a row. And my milk belum come in lagi.

So 3rd night at home pun we gave him one bottle of formula before bed, and I bf him when he woke up and the next day throughout.

4th night pun sama. One bottle of formula at night before bed and bf masa dia terjaga malam and siang.

The next day tuu baru rasa engorged skit. Kept bf-ing him non-stop whenever he wanted. And malam tuu on the 5th night baru first time malam without formula. Woohoo.

So until today, dah fully berjaya to exclusively bf the lil kiddo day and night, without formula. Hopefully boleh keep at it just like I did with his sister.

I totally forgot about the sore-ness at this beginning stage. Sakit oi! Tapi bila milk dah banyak skit, mula reda peritnya tuu.

I'm really glad I made 'The Plan' to keep me rational about everything. It helped keep my emotions in check.

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mast@work said...

congratulation on your baby.. moga dipermudahkan perjalanan BF u.. selamat berpantang

pu3natul said...

yes nasib baik awak dah mentally prepared.

so it's true then - they don't let the baby to be breastfed all the time.

put more pictures tau..i wanna see baby zayn!

Siti said...

InsyaAllah bleh fully breastfeed after this..
All the best..

aizuraawang said...

mas... thank you!!

pu3... i dunt think they know about exclusive breastfeeding ;-)

siti... thank you dear ;-)