Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A Sweet Bite Of Heaven

One of the reasons why I agreed to make the 4-hour journey to Riyadh @ 36weeks pregnant with a bit of runny nose and sore throat to boot. To taste one of these from the famous store.

(Oh, the runny nose and sore throat was cured with constant drinking of hot water, kalau kat rumah mesti campur madu and lemon. Sekejap jer baik, tak yah take meds. I really try to avoid taking meds during pregnancy.)

And it was lovely indeed! Memang berbeza dari yang beli kat pastry shop dulu. Padan dengan harga lah kot.

These babies cost more than SAR10 each depending on the box that you choose. Lagi banyak piece, lagi cantik kotak, lagi mahal harga. But honestly, one piece is really enough to satisfy my sweet tooth.

The fruity flavours didn't do much for me though. I loved the chocolate, salty caramel and vanilla the best.

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