Sunday, November 7, 2010

She's 3 Years Old (Plus 1 Day)

It was the little kiddo's 3rd Birthday yesterday! Tak dan nak update sebab connection takde. Baru renew.

I can't believe she's 3 already. Time flies. She was my little chubby baby girl who only slept peacefully in hugs. Chup! Wait! Now she's my little cheeky TODDLER who STILL only sleeps peacefully in hugs! Tido berpelukan sajer ini budak kecik...

So anyway, baked a small last minute chocolate cake which turned out kind of messy but still yummy nontheless (i blame the susu pekat local yang tak pekat sangat itu! btw do you know susu pekat + cocoa powder makes a really yummy ganache?).

What was really important to HER was the candle blowing and cake cutting. We went out yesterday evening just to buy the candles. Kedai nombor dua baru jumpa. Jumpa jer candles, dalam kereta dia sendiri terus nyanyi "Haaaappppy birthdaaaaaayyy tooo Liiiisyaaaaaaaa!". Tak menyempat ;-)

Insyaallah kalau jadi this Thursday baru panggil orang makan-makan. Insyallah tengok tahap kerajinan dan kesihatan ;-)



pu3natul said...

Happy Birthday Sayang!

mast@work said...

happy birthday dear..

mmg susu pekat manis ganache terbaik.. my husband kerja makan topping aje..

FAM said...

happy birthday cute girl ;)

aizuraawang said...

Thank you very much aunties!!!

Drama Mama said...

happy birthday dear. i love her hair...long and straight!