Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lyssa Update

I love my lazy mornings... I'm going to treasure these lovely moments. I especially love watching my daughter's face when she wakes up. Nothing beats that. This morning she just stared at me and smiled. I feel blessed.

(When she's up and running and talking and engine dah panas... that's a whole other matter of course ;-))

She's beginning to call herself Kakak Lyssa once in a while these days. She'll rub my tummy and ask "Adik tido?" sometimes. She said her adik can share her toys and play with her when adik is bigger. But Daddy has to buy adik a new stroller cos the pink stroller is hers, that one cannot share. And "Nanti Daddy beli kerusi Princess, Lyssa duduk depan dengan Daddy, Mommy duduk belakang dengan adik" refering to seating arrangements in the car.

Oh, and she now knows how to use 'kita/saya/awak' with her friends. And sometimes uses the term with us too e.g. "Kita nak air!". Kelakar jugak kadang-kadang. Usually she just uses her own name.

Her favorite activity for the moment is coloring/drawing. And her coloring/drawing skills are getting better too. She tries to color within the lines. And she can draw faces too (head, dots for eyes and nose, lines for mouth, and paling best... a squiggly line for Daddy's janggut!).


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Cute right... she's prepping herself to be the big sister!