Friday, October 1, 2010


It's been a hectic trip home trying to fill the days accomodating everyone (and not forgetting stuffing myself silly). Memang tak teringat langsung nak update blog ke apa. Just bukak fb jer.

Sampai-sampai jer the same evening terus gi pasar ramadhan KJ and we spent like RM100 on food alone. Macam apa jer... (Tapi leh cover perut cakap "it's the baby!")

Raya was good. Everything was great. Spent time with families and friends.

Sempat jugak host open house to gather our families and close friends. Senang nak jumpa semua orang.

All in all, I think gained about 2kgs in 3 weeks alone... giler apa. Kena makan makanan berkhasiat balik lepas nii.

So our next trip back home would be next year with the new baby insyaallah. Cos I can't fly with the tummy and all. (Gi petrosains harituu pun dia tak kasi naik the helicopter ride thing).

Will update with a more decent post later.

Btw... I'm already slightly more than halfway through my pregnancy already... dah 22 weeks dah!! Cepat betul rasanya...

Oh...oh... and another thing... kenapa ek plane MAS tak se-best macam dulu. Macam naik budget airlines pun ada gak. Sempit pun iya. It was more fun for the kiddo travelling on Etihad masa mula-mula datang sini. The service (esp for Lyssa) was superb.


Dd said...


i sent u email with regard to little jubah. not sure whether u have read it or not...

Drama Mama said...

wah wah....dah 22 weeks?!? time sure flies kan. mana gambar raya letak la nak tengok!

precious innocent said...

nasib baik dpt jumpa u... u nampak glowing aa hr tu...


aizuraawang said...

Dd... dah reply... sorry lambat k ;-)

Bai... Pics raya nanti k... mmg cepat giler rasanya!

Emma... glowing sangat laa emma... itu muka berminyak namanya ;-) hahahahaha... thanks for coming by the way!!!