Wednesday, August 25, 2010

There's A Formula Feeding Policy?

So I'm already in my second trimester. I've decided (at least so I thought) that I'm going to give birth right here in the Kingdom.

The perks are great. Prenatal visits are covered by the company. Bersalin nanti pun cover jugak. Siapa tanak bersalin free kat private hospital right?

AND I won't have to be far away from the hubs for a long period of time. If not, it would be at least 6 months of apart time! Kena fly home by the 7th month and can only fly back lepas pantang.

The plan is to bring my parents here to take care of Lyssa while I give birth and during my pantang. Of course I won't have the pleasure of a makcik urut here, but I'll live. And my mom says my dad makes awesome pantang meals (my mom baru lepas pantang after operate buang rahim harituu).

... the other day I was blog hopping and I read this. And it's part of a sentance in the last paragraph that catches my eye.

The blogger writes "...Saudi hospital policy dictates that all mothers of newborns are not allowed to be released from the hospital after giving birth until the baby is able to drink formula from a bottle ..."

Hmmmm... my first thought was "Is that really true?!"

Now for those of you who have followed my blog from the beginning of the old one would know that I am "one of those moms". The kind who pressures herself to fully breastfeed her baby. The type who cries at the thought of giving her daughter formula. The one who pumps every free minute she gets to ensure adequate supply. I follow the no water, no fake teats, no formula rule. (But please understand that this is what I do and I don't enforce my ideas on to others).

So you can guess how I felt when I read that.

Like seriously? In a conservative muslim country where the religion encourages to breastfeed until the age of 2? VERY HARD to believe right?

Well, I have to admit that I have not confirmed this matter with the hospital that I expect to give birth in. But I did enquire with an aquaintance as to how the baby is handled after birth at the hospital where she bersalin.

And she informed me that her baby was mostly cared for in the hospital nursery while she fully rest and recovered. Her baby was formula-fed with a bottle and the nurses would only bring the baby to the room 3 times a day for visits (though the mom COULD go to the nursery to see her baby whenever she likes).

Tarik nafas dalam-dalam kejap.

Something that is a big deal for me may not be an issue for others, I understand that completely. Tapi benda ni sampai terbawak dalam mimpi pulaklah semalam hahahahaha...

I still have no idea what to think, how to feel or what I'm going to do... I just had to jot it down to get it of my chest.


precious innocent said...

alamak... meaning betul ke ni? tp cam pelik la pulak...

err... kalau breastmilk thru bottle camne.. boleh ke?

ala,x bestnye kalau mcm nie.. x boleh ke request baby tu 1 bilik dgn u nnt?

*apsal haku tanya byk soalan nie??

-mama emma®-

aizuraawang said...

Emma I tgh kusut!! Hahahahaha... orang2 kat sini mmg a bit pampered laa... esp the ladies. Mostly yg jaga anak are maids. Even baru deliver pun... yg bangun malam kekadang pun maid jugak... so thats why the formula culture is the norm here... they embrace it.

Nanti akan ditanya dan diusahakan lah bab nak bf nii, cuma this is so unexpected sbb bf-ing kan mmg digalakkan oleh Islam. I tak nak lah pulak step on anybody's toes here, kalau kat negara sendiri tuu boleh lah demanding ;-)

pu3natul said...

i literally tarik nafas dalam2....

wow...maids jaga newborns? i guess the word "sleepless nights" takde la ek?

keep us updated on the findings ya!

aizuraawang said...

If you ever get a chance to, cuba tengok tangan arab ladies betul2. Sure well manicured and mmg nampak silky smooth... First time kita terperasa, I was amazed... then I realized, they probably don't do all these nitty gritty work like we do (like washing the dishes), so kalau orang gaji jaga anak siang malam tak terkejut jugaklah ;-) I'll keep you updated k.

FAM said...

itu sah2 arabs yg kaya2 mmg cmtu. they are like princesses. mana buat housechores ni semua. anyway, try la tanya dgn hospital. i think kalau EBM thru bottle mesti blh kan. lgpun, itu anak kita, apa hal pulak diorang nk dictate itu ini. eh, emo pulak.

aizuraawang said...

Fatin... but the bottle scares me a bit too bcos takut nipple confusion... tanak tetiba dia syok pakai botol tanak yg asli lah pulak... i dun wanna have to pump kalo dah duk umah! how about your girls? awak intro botol bila ek?

pu3natul said...

nak mencelah sikit...

IY had his first bottle masa week 4..

that was 2 weeks before i went back to work. remember masa tu i had sore nips yang teruk (sirap bandung drama)..i had to pump and give him bottle for 3 whole weeks 24/7.

alhamdulillah he still recognise the real thing when my boobies were okay to direct feed him.

my point is, awak jgn worry too much ok? doa byk2 that the baby will not be too fussy.

aizuraawang said...

Bottle for 3 weeks ek... ok. Good to know. Lyssa pun dulu around one month jugak awak... hahahaha... kita macam tanaklah tetiba duk rumah tapi kena pam jugak bagai nak rak... (meor lg best, "you jgn amik kesempatan pulak", meaning tanak usaha terus kasik formula jer...)

pu3natul said...

tapi u still need to pump and teach the baby to drink from bottle eventually. dulu kita selalu think of the worst that could happen during bf stage...all the what if's like if kita demam, migraine, accident, masuk hospital, had to go somewhere the baby where the baby can't follow, to the extent that what if I die (yes, to that extreme, I know) ebm is a must have, at least the baby could have a transition period until the stock ebm dah habis and sambung kasi FM.

wah, looks like meor is worried more than you are. dia risau awak give up cepat. good lah macam tu, at least you've got someone to support you.

aizuraawang said...

Pump and teach tuu memang... What I meant is, I just don't want to tetiba jadi an exclusively pumping mom when I'm at home.

My pendapat is, AFTER a month of exclusively direct bf at least, baru intro botol. So I've got the baby hooked you see ;-) hahahahaha. Kalau dari lahir kasi botolkan more prone to nipple confusion. (And so far org yg exclusive bf mcm kita yg kita kenal mmg takde kasi botol masa baru2 lahir, but I'll keep surveying).

Anyway, I think I will just try my very very bestest to get thru it and also try not to be so uptight about it. I'll just have to retrain the baby if whatever, you know.

Sebab kita dok pikir2 apa tau, Dia boleh beri baby rezeki minum mommy's milk anywhere and boleh tarik balik rezeki baby anywhere also. So kena usaha and doa for the best jer lah kan... ye tak?

pu3natul said...

True true...anytime je Dia leh amik balik..cannot be TOO confident or UNDER confident.

All the best've done it before, I'm sure it won't a biggie this time around.

altuty said...

hi zura,

just my 2 sen here. my babies both are nipple confused. sbb they were warded for a loooong time sbb prolonged high jaundice. selama 3 kali masuk wad, tiap kali tu paling sekejap 8 hari, since they were day 4, they were fed by using bottle. i only provide them EBM.

awal2 tu ok la kejap. and they get verrrry fussy. tup tap tak nak B. i overcame it anyway, but it took them few months to accept the B naturally.

so my advise is, try not to intro bottle at very early stage. trauma.

aizuraawang said...

Tuty... thank you for the advise... mmg perkara yang i paling takut is that bcos i takut i takde kesabaran to overcome it... bcos baby dari lahir lagi dah dapat "kesenangan" bottle kan... lepas tuu dia kena "kerja keras" at the Bs pulak... mesti dia meragam...

but tuu laa... i guess i just have to try my very very very very bestest to get out of bed and provide the original to the baby if the nurses don't bring the babyto me nanti.