Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Abayas Available @

Abayas on sale at ZLYSSA now!!!

Since moving to Saudi Arabia, I've gotten to know the Abaya a little better. It's compulsory to wear a black Abaya here when going out. I have to say I like wearing it.

The Abaya is like a long loose button-front overcoat that I wear over my regular clothes. So I can actually wear anything I want underneath while still covering up. Being new to wearing the hijab (which reminds me, itu header kena kasi tukar laa...siapa nak buatkan???), the Abaya doesn't limit me to only muslimah clothing stores, which means I can still shop at my favourite mainstream outlets like ZARA and MNG!

While it may not be compulsary to wear the Abaya in my beloved KL, I think it's a must piece of item to have in my everyday wear even when I move back home. It's a relatively easy piece of clothing to put on and cover myself in any given situation

For example, lets say you're launging around at home in your cute La Senza PJs and suddenly an unexpected visitor rings the doorbell, or you need to quickly go out and take the dry clothes from the clothesline cos its raining. You can just reach for your Abaya and you can be covered up in no time. Simple. (Even simpler with the instant hijabs available these days).

It's also especially handy during my "feel fat" days ;-)

The Abayas that are offered at ZLYSSA are also suitable to wear to work as the material is of good quality, and its neither shiny nor flimsy.

Each Abaya comes with a matching long rectangular scarf with motifs on either the corners or along the whole side (e.g. like the one I'm wearing in the pictures below).

Below is me in my favourite Abaya (muka kena blur sebab tak semenggah).

I'm wearing a SIZE M, I'm about 5ft2in or 158cm tall, and the Abaya skims the floor when barefoot.

Go to ZLYSSA to see for yourself the choice of patterns available for the Abayas offered. Go ahead! Choose yours now! EACH ABAYA COMES WITH A MATCHING SCARF!!

Size M is about 140cm in length.
Size L is about 150cm in length.

I suggest you choose according to your height as it is supposed to be worn loose, but it won't look nice if it's too short (senteng).

Go visit ZLYSSA and purchase your Abaya now!!

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