Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Precious Family Time

The thing i love most about living here... lyssa and her daddy get to spend a whole lot more time together compared to living in busy KL.

Her dad still goes to work before she wakes up, but gets home latest by 5pm (compared to late nights in KL).

We get to go to the parks (at night during these hot summer days) and her dad gets to play with her on the slides and swings and in the sand (cos I'm in my abaya and jumping around with her just doesn't seem right over here).

No moms around as backups so he's always got to be my helping hand (esp when I'm in my moods).

And best of all we actually get to menapak shopping malls together on weekends (cos there's nothing else to do) which we rarely do in KL because of traffic and parking woes. And daddy gets to carry her around when she gets tired cos we don't have a stroller. (Teringat masa daddy takde kat KL, I walked around the whole MV carrying the lil kiddo cos she was tired).


FAM said...

sweet! cherish the moments zura ;)

FAM said...

oh yes, jumping around the taman dalam abaya is so not right. hehe

Drama Mama said...

more father-daughter bonding eh? i like that! ur like all the time in abaya ka nowadays? memang takleh pakai pants there? erkkk...forgive my ignorance. hehe

aizuraawang said...

Fatin... yup. yup.

Bai... Mmg kuar rumah jer kena pakai abaya... dalam abaya tuu tak kisah lah nak pakai suar/skirt/shorts ;-)