Sunday, May 9, 2010

Way To Go Lyssa!

Did I ever write in here that Lyssa is now diaperless during the day. She can actually tell me when she wants to pee now. This happened suddenly one fine day (April 5th, it was my mom's birthday), she just woke up and told me "nak kencing", I took her to the loo and she was able to feel 'it' coming ever since then.

Kira berbaloi jugaklah training dia harituu even though the results was a bit late ;-)

The only problem that we have right now is:
1. She can only pee standing up.
2. She still has to poo in her diaper.

We'll work on that baby... no worries.

Wooohooo!! Dapat jugak save on diapers... mahal ok kat sini!

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