Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Laa laa laa... Tak leh pikir tajuk daaahhh.

I can't sleep demit...

Its 12.45 in the morning, I'm watching a rerun of Nip/Tuck. I'm thinking about my grocery list. I'm thinking about what to masak tomorrow. I'm also thinking about my lens which I should take off already. And the most tak tahan of all, I'm thinking about the creamy smoked salmon pasta and sticky date pudding at Delicious (please don't assume I'm pregnant cos I'm not).

Nak kena buat sendiri ker? Here's hoping they have smoked salmon here.

Last one ======> Why the @#$%^ banyak sangat citer Simpsons on this channel? Irritating.


FAM said...

date pudding delicious mmg sedap!! kita xsuka simpson dari dlu. huhuhu

Drama Mama said...

bosan kan The Simpsons. i dunno camna some ppl boleh nganga tengok sampai leleh air liur. hahahhaa