Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Journey

The journey here was relatively uneventful.

Lyssa was such a good girl throughout the flight. No whining or anything. But she was extremely chatty I think we talked throughout the journey except when she was asleep.

During take-offs and landing she asked me to lean over and hug her tight. Other than that she pretty much sat in her seat with her seatbelt fastened. Oh yeah, and it helped that there was The Princess And The Frog on the movie choice list also.

We had two hours to catch our connecting flight from Abu Dhabi airport to Dammam and that was just sufficient time. Takde tunggu lama pun sebab nak turun plane and jalan to the other gate pun dah makan masa.

It was a good journey with good service. I'd definately fly on Etihad again without a doubt.

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