Thursday, March 4, 2010


Last day of work today.

Honestly speaking, I am relieved. This place is not what it used to be (ever since the influx of "foreign expertise"). Rindu time-time lepak kat main office bergossip dengan staff dengan Head skali join buat lawak.

So anyway, the plan untuk masa terdekat ini...
1. Get together with school besties on Sunday.
2. Swim meet or makan2 meet (belum decide) with kiddos and college besties on Monday.
3. Flight to Labuan to meet up with my Sister and Family on Wednesday.
4. Be back in KL before eom for medical and visa processing stuff.

After that, have to shop, prepare and pack for the move. I get a headache just thinking about the packing.

The list of foodstuff to bawak at the top of my head right now:
1. Kicap (manis & masin)
2. Cili sos
3. Cili kering
4. Belacan
5. Ikan masin
6. Udang kering
7. Rempah-ratus
8. Rempah instant
Ada lagi ker? Feel free to suggest k.


honeylanz said...

berpindah?? ohh has tertinggal kete api ni..

pu3natul said...

See u Sunday!

One of my wajib things were those small cili sos packets from McD,KFC, etc. Tak sah takde cili sos kalau eat out. I always keep those in my bag bila eat out.

HaLiMaTuN SaAdIaH said...

ehm nak g mana?ikut hubby eh?? anyway,jgn lupa ikan bilis, keropok ikan yang keping tu..mesti nanti tak dapat cari asik nk mkn jer..mcm kitaorg ni ha..hehehe..entah tak igt lg lah..hehehe..ask ur hubby lah apa yang takde kat sana..
have a safe journey :)

Queenin Murni said...

maggi.. muahahha!

aizuraawang said...

has... a ah... nak pindah ;-)

pu3... oooh... i have loads of those! boleh bawak! can't wait to see you!

matun... i dah tanya dah... tapi dia pun tak sure sgt apa yg takde ;-)

QM... hahahhaha! yer lah... wajib bwk sikit!

MommyDania said...

serunding! bestnye going abroad. have fun!!