Thursday, March 25, 2010

No Sleeping On The Couch!

Back in KL. Arrived at my parent's house around 11 yesterday morning.

My mom was tired.

So she slept on the couch.

Lyssa kept kacau-ing her. "Bangun umi bangun!!". Dia nak main dengan my mom so she kept pestering my mom to wake up.

Di bukaknya kelopak mata my mom, di tepuk-tepuknya badan, she even climbed all over my mom.

And in her attempt to coax my mom to wake up she finally said this,

"Umi bangun! Nii kerusi bukan katil! Kerusi untuk duduk. Lyssa nak duduk!!!"

Terus my mom bangun tergelak... budak kecik tuu kan... can't predict what she'll say next ;-)

1 comment:

Drama Mama said...

hahaha kids say the darnest thing. comel ja things that come out of their mouth kan hiks