Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Inverted uterus

The first time I had my ultrasound, when I knew that I was pregnant with Lyssa, the doc noticed that I had an inverted uterus.

When I asked her what are the implications of having an inverted uterus, she said that since I was already pregnant, there was nothing to worry about as the uterus will correct itself as the baby grows.

But baru2 nii, pergi berurut traditional untuk betulkan urat2 yang tersimpul dan mengeluarkan angin2 yang tersembunyi. Ya allah... sakitnya masa makcik tuu urut!! But sakit semasa urut sahaja... lepas tuu badan rasa ringan.

(Kalau lepas urut, badan rasa ok, and takde lebam2 walaupun masa urut rasa sakit, maknanya teknik urutan tuu betul... kena pada urat. tapi kalau lepas urut badan lebam-lebam... go get yourself a new massues!)

Anyway... makcik tuu komen, my uterus "bengkak". I think maybe my uterus has gone back to the "wrong" position again. Hmmmm... that's why my menses flow is weird last month...

I have to get this checked out I guess.

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pu3natul said...

awak inverted uterus ni is the tilted uterus ke? i read that it's not supposed to do you any harm coz having an inverted uterus is as just normal as - you are just born with it. something like humans that are left handed.