Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hampir sebulan dah...

If I don't count the days, it just zooms by.

Baru perasan yang its been almost a month without the other half. Two more months to go (hopefully awal lagi!!!) before I get to see him again.

We're getting along fine. Lyssa still doesn't like using the phone to talk to her daddy. She prefers to skype ;-)

I miss the car rides home where I get to cerita-cerita about my day.


precious innocent said...

awat suddenly tukar blogspot nie? ade ape2 ke?

so, i can just delete ur old blog?

-mama emma®-

MommyDania said...

terror la lyssa, IT gitu. sket je lg..2 mths je. u'r going there kan?

aizuraawang said...

emma... yes. delete sajer yang lama!

fatin... yup. but he's coming home... to pick us up (insyaallah)